Half-Orc Barbarian


This massive beast has a nasty bark and a bite to back it up. This green hulk tears through the battlefields wielding his ever constant companion, the hammer Earthbreaker!


The half-orc race only comes into this world in one way: Hate-rape. Kratos is no exception. His human mother was a trophy for the Orc who killed her father. Her shame led her to flee to the protection of other creatures whose existence was defined by shame. With the Gnomes, she was treated as a queen because of their well-known Amazonian fetish. Her son however, was a target for the aggression they held toward the taller races of the world. They burned him, beat him and deprived him of any education. As those of orcish blood do, Kratos grew quickly. At age 13 he massacred the gnomish village with nothing more than his bare hands. His taste for blood wetted, he sought more. In the years since he has been bounced from wars to roaming bands of adventurers who one after the next recruited him for his brute strength and capacity for devastation, then left him for his inability to control it. With Earthbreaker in hand, Kratos is hurricane of death, laying waste to everything in his path. Especially Gnomes…. And other undersized creatures who remind him of Gnomes…. And women who remind him of his mother….. and other things.


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