Elf Wizard


Zandalar stands at just under the average height for an elf that has just reached adulthood. The first thing most people will notice about Zandalar is the stark contrast between his black as night hair and his pale sun-deprived skin, however, if one were to glance into Zandalar’s blue eyes they would catch a glimpse of the immense knowledge that lies within him.


Zandalar met with tragedy at a much younger age than most when his family and a couple of other elves traveling with them were murdered by a band of bandits while on their way to the Elven settlement of Kyonin. In order to keep him from being killed as well, his father in his last moments draped the corpse of one of the slain elves over Zandalar and smeared him with blood in an attempt to fool the bandits into thinking the young Zandalar was just another corpse amongst the scene of mayhem. Fortunately for Zandalar the ruse worked, as after the bandits were done ransacking the wagons carrying the elves’ supplies they moved on. The next few weeks were hard for Zandalar, barely surviving out in the wild, his reactions finely honed from fleeing the wild beasts and fey in the region, until picked up by a Lebedan noble returning from a merchant trip. Taking pity on the young Zandalar, the noble took him on as an adopted son and brought him back home to the shores of Lake Reykal. After noticing his great intellect (Zandalar picked up the Giant language the noble knew very quickly) and curiosity in the art arcane, the noble had his court wizard train Zandalar into the beginnings of a promising wizard. However, Zandalar began to become restless sitting inside all day studying magic and harbored thoughts of avenging the murder of his family, and it was at around this time that Zandalar received word of adventurers being granted charters to explore the Greenbelt, noting in particular the decree to eliminate banditry in the region. His mind was clear and his resolve manifested: he would finally be able to rid the world of some of its evil and avenge his parents.


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